City Hospital Signs Deal With UK Clinic

City patients will be able to receive medical services provided by UK doctors under a new cross-border clinical partnership.


A clinical service agreement between Shanghai International Medical Center and The London Clinic is the first of its kind between a Chinese and a UK hospital.


UK doctors will provide consultations and be involved in surgery with doctors from both sides, making tailor-made treatments for local patients.


The Shanghai hospital said the partnership was based on China’s increasing demand for healthcare, especially access to world leading medical services.


Currently, the focus will be on oncology, gynaecology and urology. As the partnership develops, clinical services will expand, including more departments and robotic surgery, and there will be training programs for medical practitioners in the two hospitals.


The London Clinic is the UK’s largest independent private hospital with charitable status.


Al Russell, its chief executive, said sharing knowledge would play a key role in the partnership.


“Our doctors go to China, and Chinese doctors come here and we both learn as institutions about how we advance healthcare and that has patients at the heart of it,” he said.


Huang Yirun, president of the Shanghai hospital, hopes the London hospital’s nursing practices and patient care, which he speaks highly of, will be applied locally through a nurse training program.


There are about 800 consultants practicing in the London hospital, and they are expected to help advance local doctors and improve the working system in the Shanghai hospital, he said.


Source: SHINE