City Hospital’s French Lessons

Students visited Ruijin Hospital on Tuesday to experience the French medical practices and teachings that have long been a tradition at the hospital.


The tour was part of the 8th “medical experience camp” organized by the hospital. The 49 students were from local universities and high schools, seven of them exchange students from France.


The students visited operating rooms, wards and the hospital’s simulation center to talk to doctors about how France had impacted their medical practice. The hospital said it had French-speaking doctors in almost every department.


Mei Jialun, a senior medical student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said it was the first time he’d participated in such an activity.


“I think it’s a great opportunity for me to experience some medical routine and even the process of operations in advance and in detail,” he said.


“More importantly, this tour visualized what we have learned from the books.”


Cheng Ran, who will start an internship at the hospital from next semester, said it was good to talk with some French medical students and see something new that he could not learn from books.


Laurie, one of the French students who visited the operating theater, said she had experienced things she hadn’t seen before and was grateful for the opportunity the hospital offered.


“We hope this medical experience camp can enhance the medical professionals’ understanding of medicine and build a communication bridge between the two countries’ medical fields,” said Wang Shixiao, director of the French and medical classes.


Zhang Wen, head of the nephrology department at the hospital, said French classes were first established after the reform and opening up at the hospital.


“Students in the class will first have a one-year language class,” said Zhang. “The remaining five years of their study will be taught completely in French which will help the students to better connect with the international medical community.”


Source: SHINE