City Warming Up As Summer Approaches

Signs of an early summer will be evident again this weekend with temperatures rising to nearly 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday, forecasters said.


However, the cold will return on Sunday and the day will be cloudy with a chance of rain at night.


Friday and Saturday will see a mixture of sunshine and clouds with temperatures ranging from 16 to 29 degrees. Sunday will start off cloudy but end in showers with not much change in temperature. Next week will start with showery weather and the maximum temperature falling to 25 degrees.


Meanwhile, a bug in the system is being blamed for a weather app showing Shanghai’s highest temperature on Sunday hitting 39 to 40 degrees. However, on the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau’s website, the forecast is for a high of 28 degrees.


According to Zhang Ruiyi, a meteorologist with the bureau, a high of 39 degrees would be unlikely under the current weather pattern and the reading might be the result of a bug in the weather forecast app. Zhang said the figures had been produced by a computer and hadn’t been corrected manually.


Although it’s getting warmer, it’s still uncertain when the city can announce the official arrival of summer. Zhang said the city generally enters summer in late May or early June. The earliest summer on record was on May 6 in 2009 and the latest one was recorded on June 24, 1995.