Coffee, Snacks, Discounts, Trinkets, Views, Location, And Some Books

Shanghai’s Book Fair closes today, and apart from raising customer awareness of what books are on offer, one of it’s other less obvious legacies is raising expectations of a what book shops today are expected to offer, apart from books. Gone are the days of the humble bookshop, which sold books. Today’s bookshop needs to offer coffee, snacks, trinkets, discounts, books and … location, location, location. Shanghai’s latest entrant in the increasingly competitive booksellers world, has taken the new mantra seriously, and perches 239 meters above ground on the 52ndfloor of Shanghai Tower. North Cape of Good Hope Bookstore (Duoyun Books), offers both panoramic views of Shanghai as well as lots and lots of books. Attracting 6,000 visitors on its first day, the store took in more than 50,000 Yuan, but it should be noted that 60% of its sales came from trinkets and books, the rest from (40%) from coffee and cake. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, CITIC Bookstorealso offers coffee, snacks, trinkets, books, but not to be outdone, it also has a jungle. Competitive as they are, both stores have not lost sight of their main purpose, and apart from offering beautiful and relaxing environments, they have also hosted a number of special events to coincide and promote this year’s book fair. And with new bookstores opening on a regular basis in Shanghai (3,000 and growing), customers are being spoilt for choice, and can expect even more as city government plans, announced two years ago, take shape to develop and support literature and readers in Shanghai


Source: Money Talks, ICS