‘Cold Fireworks’ Still Not Allowed Within Outer Ring Road: Police

Shanghai bans all kinds of fireworks in the area within the Outer Ring Road, including “cold fireworks,” police warn.


“Cold fireworks” are a kind of entertainment pyrotechnic that are usually used indoors and often on ceremonies or performances. They don’t produce smoke, as many outdoor fireworks do, and are not as hot, but they still reach temperatures of over 600 degrees Celsius.


On Friday morning, police in Yangpu District seized 12 such “cold fireworks” from a store on Sanmen Road.


Police said they found an online shop selling the fireworks and tracked down its physical location.


There exists a misunderstanding that “cold fireworks” are absolutely safe, but that’s not the case, and they are still categorized as fireworks according to Chinese laws, police said.


Shanghai police said they have seized over 1,300 boxes of illegal fireworks and firecrackers so far this holiday season.


This year, residents who live outside the Outer Ring Road can buy fireworks and firecrackers from just nine stores which have permits to sell them from January 29. A total of 2,700 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers are available.


As a result of continuous crackdowns on the illegal sale, transport and use of fireworks and firecrackers, police said they receive fewer and fewer reports regarding the ban. In 2016 there were about 2,000 reports, while last year there were only 200.


Police said on Friday that they will step up patrols in residential complexes and major areas on Chinese New Year’s Eve, the night of the fourth day of the Chinese New Year when people welcome the God of Wealth, and also the Lantern Festival, and they warn that people who dismiss warnings from law enforcers or cause public unrest by playing with fireworks and firecrackers will face strict punishments.