Community Market & Urban Renewal At Yuyuan Public Market

Yesterday saw the opening of Yuyuan public market, a new public-friendly space for experiencing art in the alley. The two-story building houses department stores, food courts, snacks and services such as shoe repair, locksmithing, tailoring, and even a community store with an art gallery that will empower more urban renewal in Shanghai.



Since December 2018, Yuyuan Public Market has been located in Hongye Garden at 1088, Yuyuan Road. With the original intention of making the community warmer and more interesting, the wisdom farm, convenience market, classic snack shops and life services can be found on the first floor of the double-storey building. On the second level visitors will find the Su Shanghai community art museum, supported by the Liu Haisu Art Museum. The space was made especially for Yuyuan Public Market and residents and visitors can enjoy the convenience of life and aesthetic experience.



“Yuyuan Road Historic District” has been transformed from its original traditional old format structure. While integrating art and aesthetics, it provides residents with mature commercial facilities and community services. The birth of Yuyuan Public Market is to embed art into the streets and lanes through organic integration of space transformation, artistic creativity, community interaction and life experience, it stimulates architectural vitality, improves the community quality and improves urban functions for a new cultural landmark.



A special exhibit will be taking place at the Su Community Art Museum, showing the works of 8 Yuyuan lu craftsmen and telling their stories. The exhibit runs from February 28th to March 31st.


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan