Companies Excited To Open In Lingang

New Lingang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) officially launched yesterday. And 13 companies awarded the latest business license.


These companies are involved in a number of key core technology areas, including Shanghai JiaAo Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai SuiYuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which provides big data services, and CNOOC RongFeng Energy, which develops, constructs and manages wind power and solar power projects, and Shanghai National Microchip Semiconductor Co., Ltd., which designs and services integrated circuit chips, which opened a new chapter in the cluster of cutting-edge industries.



On July 27th, Chen Xuejun, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, went to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone New Lingang Area Management Committee to investigate and improve the institutional soft power as well to listen to the needs of enterprises.


In the investigation, Chen clarified two “special” services for the development of the new ​​area, including the realization of the registration system for commercial entities and the realization of the “zero-point handling” process. At the same time, the coordinated supervision mechanism will be improved and the supervision and management of market entities will be strengthened.



Chen said that the green channel and pre-registration of the new area of ​​Lingang will speed up the registration of enterprises. In the establishment process of enterprises in the Lingang new area, there is no longer a need to submit the address of the corporate residence, and the requirements for registration materials will be further reduced.



For enterprises that become established in the new area of ​​Lingang, the system of identity authentication means that executives and shareholders do not need to go to the site to carry out real-name authentication. Using the ‘tick’ method in the new area of ​​Lingang to obtain the business options in the business scope will be sufficient.




In order to license the new district registration authority, the registration system of the Shanghai Municipal Market Regulatory Authority needs to complete a number of tasks in one day, such as address prefix update, new area mark, new license of business license and style adjustment. One day before the listing, no staff can leave after work. The information system was closed on time and the program related to the new area was released.



Although the license was printed and the new area logo was smoothly added, there is still much work to be done behind the issuance of the license. The staff of the Market Supervision Department turned out the plan before the listing of the Free Trade Zone, arranged the contents involved at that time, developed the timetable, and solved various problems.



Nowadays, “thinking more and more” has become the mantra of many staff. In the meantime, the Market Supervision Department will continue to promote optimization of the business environment and construction of the new area of ​​Lingang.


Editor: Liily