Contemporary Art Exhibition Looks Beyond Ink

A Chinese ink painting exhibition kicked off on Sunday at the China Art Museum in Shanghai.


The event, titled “Beyond Ink,” is the first grand exhibition organized by the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts since it established an Academy of Contemporary Ink Art in April, and is also part of the 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival.


Famous guqin (a seven-stringed Chinese musical instrument) player Gong Yi and dancer Huang Doudou performed at the opening ceremony.


The exhibition showcases works painted by 31 masters of contemporary ink painting in the theme of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up.


These include several huge paintings, such as the 6.23-meter-long “Midnight Sun No. II” by Taiwan painter Liu Kuo-sung, who is now the director of the Academy of Contemporary Ink Art.


There are also installations showing the painting process and dynamic ink images, such as flowers rising up and leaves falling down on four screens.


Children can also use the opportunity to paint with the masters in a special interactive area.


An ink painting and calligraphy competition has also been launched for children attending the event. Young visitors can paint at the exhibition from Tuesday to Sunday and their works will also be displayed in the venue.


Winners will paint with the masters on December 2.


The exhibition is free to the public and will run for a month.



Source: SHINE