Cooling Off For Mid-Autumn Festival

A rainy start is expected to the week with an offshore low pressure system heading northwards bringing showers and thunder on Monday.


The low pressure system, located n Hangzhou Bay on Sunday afternoon, has brought rain to the Yangtze River estuary.


Parts of the city will receive heavy rain and the high will drop from 30 degrees Celsius to 28.


Skies will turn cloudy on Tuesday with the low pressure giving way to a subtropical high.


The three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, which lasts from Friday to Sunday, will be dry.


This week the city entered this year’s 15th solar term Bailu, or white dew. The weather is getting cooler with moisture gathering on the ground and leaves at dawn.


According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, the city’s average temperature during Bailu is 24.7 degrees and the average precipitation is 65.6 millimeters, both much lower than the last solar term Chushu.


Generally, the highest temperature during Bailu is around 28 degrees with some heat in the daytime. It will be cool at dawn and night and the low down to 22 degrees. Due to the temperature gap between day and night, it will be easy to catch a cold.


Source: SHINE