Count-down To Top AI Conference

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference, to be held in Shanghai next month, will be a top-level global platform, organizers have predicted.


There will be more overseas speakers, special global communications and exchange events, as well as foreign AI exhibitors including Amazon, IBM and Microsoft.


The WAIC will be held in the city between August 29 and August 31, with more than 300 company exhibitors and 300 speakers.


It’s expected to attract 200,000 visitors including 70,000 professionals, said the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Development, the local industry regulator and a major organizer of the WAIC.


“It will be a top-level global stage for AI industry development and technology innovation,” said Wu Jincheng, chairman of the commission.


During WAIC 2019, more than half of the 300 speakers will come from overseas, compared with 40 percent last year.


United Nations’ officials, executives including Elon Musk from Tesla and academics including Turning Award winners will attend various forums. They will talk about AI chips, 5G, smart driving and smart city topics and AI integration in sectors such as education and urban management.


A special event, AI International Day, will debut.


During the 30-day count-down event held on Tuesday, WAIC announced strategic partnerships with 27 firms including Alibaba, Amazon, IBM, iFlytek, Microsoft, SenseTime and Tencent.


IBM’s chief scientist and engineers will attend WAIC demonstrating AI applications covering medicine and finance.


Source: SHINE