Culinary Delights At The CIIE

The National Convention and Exhibition Center has prepared tremendous delicacies for guests from all over the world to show the hospitality of the “country of cuisines” during the first China International Import Expo (CIIE).


In order to meet the diversified catering needs of Chinese and foreign guests during the CIIE, the food square of the National Convention and Exhibition Center has upgraded food service by introducing various options such as Hema Supermarket, Yershari Resturant, Wufangzhai, and Luckin coffee. The number of restaurants increased from 70 to nearly 100.



The Hema Supermarket will cover 3,000 square meters, with fresh seafood and robot service experience as the main features.


“Shanghai Snacks Hall” is also ready for people to come inside its soft opening on October 15th. In order to better serve the CIIE, they developed new products. After seven or eight rounds of internal screening, the last five sandwiches and three salads were chosen, at least two of which are vegetarian, to meet the different needs of guests from all over the world.



“Shanghai Snacks Hall” is divided into two parts, with a total area of about 1,600 square meters, bringing together more than 20 famous traditional Shanghai restaurants, such as Xing Hua Lou, Bright Food, and Yuyuan Tourist Mart. In order to provide a comfortable environment for catering, the food hall will also add about 6,000 seats in the public area for the exhibitors to eat and rest.



Plenty of mobile catering vehicles will also be at the National Convention and Exhibition Center for the first time. These mobile dining vehicles will be set up according to passenger flow, not fixed in a certain location. Food and beverage will be provided to meet the needs of the visitors.


Food is the best window into a new culture, and we hope that all participants will have a successful and delicious expo!


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan