Culinary Journey At The Hongqiao Airport

A special summer event under the theme of “Delicacies Around the Colorful Journey” kicked off at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport yesterday. The month-long food culture experience event allows passengers to travel while experiencing the impressive dining culture of Shanghai. During the period, restaurants at the airport will launch a variety of meals specifically for the festival.



Previously, dramatically expensive food at the airport stirred up many complaints, like a bowl of noodles that cost 78 yuan and a bowl of porridge that cost 28 yuan. In recent years, Hongqiao Airport has been committed to forging high-quality dining services, and insists on “Same City, Same Price”. There are 66 places to buy food in the two terminals of Hongqiao Airport, covering an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters.



During the delicacy festival, Hongqiao Airport has planned five major keynote activities, including traditional Chinese food, Shanghai cuisine, Western food culture, summer drinks and coffee culture. The event will last until August 22nd. Hongqiao Airport will continue to aim at contributing to the shopping brand of Shanghai and introduce more boutique dining brands that satisfy the tastes of passengers.



Source: Eastday


Editor:Zhu Yan