Customs Bell Returns To Symphony Of The City

What wakes Shanghai up in the early morning is the sound of ships on the Huangpu River, the smell of frying youtiao, and the ring of the customs house bell tower on the Bund. The customs house bell has been ringing since 1928 and is now 92 years old.



Having witnessed the changes of Shanghai, it began shutting down for no apparent reason early last year and had to undergo major repairs. The bell is expected to continue to ring and tell the time accurately after maintenance.



There are many legendary bell towers in Shanghai that have witnessed the changes of the city such as Changning Raffles bell tower, Xiaonanmen bell tower, the Longhua curfew bell, and the Disney bell tower.


Changning Raffles Bell Tower


Xiaonanmen Bell Tower


Longhua Curfew Bell


Disney Bell Tower


Enjoy the beautiful melody of the city!

Source: Shanghai Tourism

Editor: Tang Jinyuan (Intern)