Danes Wowed By China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

Chinese intangible cultural heritage has always held a certain fascination for foreigners. Proof of this can be seen in a new exhibition entitled “The Wind Comes From The Sea” that is wowing visitors in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.



With the theme of Peaceful Sea, Warm Sea and Turbulent Sea, the exhibition hopes to bring a fresh breeze from China’s Shanghai, along with a sincere willingness to exchange ideas and skills with their counterparts in Denmark.



Organized by the PACC (Public Art Cooperation Center), the exhibition features the creations of students from Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University in the field of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, cross-over art works of fashion designers and successors of Chinese intangible cultural heritages.



More than 60 art works are on display, including Chinese dyed embroideries, bamboo arts, paper-cutting, wood sculpture, ceramics and metal fabrication. The traditional skills that are used come from Qinghai Province, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Sichuan Province.



The exhibition is on from Sept 13th to Oct 6th at the National Museum of Denmark.


Editor: Bonnie Lu

Source: PACC