Disney Revises Food Restrictions After Woman Caught Entering With Watermelon

As of today, new food policies at Shanghai’s Disney Resort got into effect.


Tourists are now allowed to bring individual food into the amusement, however, food that needs to be reprocessed, needs heat preparation, or food with a pungent smell will still be rejected from being brought into the park. For example, uncut watermelon, instant noodles, durians and stinky tofu are not in accordance with the rules.


Alcoholic beverages, cans and glassware will still be denied access, while bottled beverages will be allowed, according to the statement.


Disney will continue to expand the variety of food inside the park and encourage guests to use over 50 drinking water fountains and over 20 hot water dispensers for free. Foods that do not comply can be put in storage for 10 yuan per day. Tourists will be able to enjoy their personal food in the appointed picnic areas but patrons are expected to comply with the policies of garbage classification.


According to some relevant laws and guidance opinions from the government, security checks will be necessary, and the screening process cannot be bypassed. All Disney parks around the world carry out security checks to ensure the safety of all tourists and staff. To minimize the impact of security checks on visitor experience, guests will be encouraged to open their bags, remove any banned items when the security screening is completed.


Visitors will be reminded to read the park’s instructions before buying tickets from various official ticketing channels and platforms, including safety inspection requirements and listed items that cannot be brought into the park.


Editor: Allison Yeh (Intern)