Dongjiadu Ferry: Star Of The South Bund

Dongjiadu Ferry is one of the ferries recently renovated along the Huangpu River, and plays an important role in the coastline renovation project in Puxi.



Now the Dongjiadu Ferry is back in service. Let’s take a look!




Inside, the layout of the waiting room has been changed, making the space neater and more luminous. What’s more, the renovated pontoon bridge of the wharf is sure to become a spotlight of the south Bund riverside region.



Leaving the ferry, the riverside footpath is only 50 meters away. A walk with friends and family on a fine day is the perfect way for you to relax.



In the evening, when the lighting system along the Huangpu River turns on, taking the ferry is a new way to appreciate the fantastic view in Shanghai!



Editor: Lily