Double 11, Holiday Building Blueprint

Double 11 started as a shopping promotion, and its runaway success has turned it into a full-fledged holiday. Any sort of cultural event that has grown this large can’t not be. Think of it as a yearly celebration when the God of Discounts says unto the people, let imported baby formula be 20% off. Basically, don’t think about it too hard.


Even though it is a bona fide holiday, it doesn’t quite have all the cultural trappings of a holiday, yet. Sure, it has a gala extravaganza, but what about a song? Enter Baopals, a company that helps expats navigate Taobao, with their new Double 11 jingle.


Other holidays could look to Double 11 to revamp their own slate of songs. Let’s put a rap interlude in Jingle Bells. Why not?


Director: Gu Jia/Wen Hairong
Camera: Shen Jiajun
Music: Jibes