How Fast Can An Expat Wrap A Zongzi?

The best part of getting into the seasonal festivities is getting the delicious treats that go along with the seasonal festivities into your tummy. Every holiday season has its own delectable delights: Christmas has eggnog, Mid-Autumn Festival has mooncakes, and Dragon Boat Festival has zongzi.





Don’t let the humble appearance of the zongzi deceive you. They are a pain to make. Unless you want to end up with a mushy mess that looks like it exploded in the microwave, you need years of practice.





Here are some tips from a master, juxtaposed nextto the fumblings of an amateur so you can understand just how amazing he is.





If you’re also a fan of zongzi and wanna learn to make them on your own, don’t miss the opportunity at Yu Garden Dragon Boat Festival, as the Zongzi Master is waiting there for you.



Yu Garden Dragon Boat Festival

Address: Yu Garden Central Square



Director & Editor: Bonnie & John