E-Busses Being Outfitted With Intelligence Cabin

Recently, 38 bus lines have completed intelligent transformation in Shanghai. With the artificial intelligence technology “intelligence cabin” from SenseTime, the driver’s identification, fatigue, distraction and other conditions will be monitored and reminded in real time, while providing passengers with face recognition. This technology will be gradually extended to all lines in the future.



Driver status real-time monitoring

For traffic operations management, safety is undoubtedly the core issue. With the SenseDrive DMS driver’s monitoring system, the vehicle can use the ordinary IR camera and a common chip to have face recognition, blink detection, attention detection and distraction detection, which accurately monitors the driver eyes, yawning and other fatigue states and distracting actions. It also collects and processes traffic data to provide maximum security for the operating shuttle.



Meanwhile, the vehicle is equipped with face recognition. Passengers simply need to register the “E-Drive” app in their mobile phone in advance and upload face information, then they can use face recognition ticket checking. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring your mobile phone and transportation card, which saves time in queues to make travel more efficient.



Accurate analysis of road conditions to help intelligent automobile applications

The current application has been installed on 38 lines, collecting more than 200 hours and 10 GB of traffic conditions data every day, and will realize full scale in the future. The data collected will be used to further serve the research and development of the Shanghai Intelligent Network’s automotive road test and service standard specifications.


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan