Einsteins 140th Anniversary Marks A New Exhibition In Shanghai

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein, with people around the world commemorating one of the greatest physicists of all time.


In honor of the occasion, the exhibition “Qichu The Theory Of Relativity: Einstein’s Fantasy World” opens to the public today at the Shanghai World Expo Museum.



As the only mainland city ever visited by Einstein, the exhibition will be displaying a number of items, including the original manuscript of Einstein’s thesis on general relativity, the most famous formula in the history of science.


Manuscript Of General Relativity


Einstein’s Handwritten Formula E= MC Squared


Einstein’s Nobel Prize


Letter From Cai Yuanpei To Einstein


Einstein Standing At The Teacher’s Desk


A Postcard From Einstein To His Mother


Collected Music Score: Bach Sonata No. 4 In C Minor


A Letter From Einstein To President Roosevelt For The Development Of Atomic Bombs


The exhibition was commissioned by the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, and organized by the Jiefang Press Cultural Communication Corporation and Shanghai UDN. Renowned physicist and Nobel laureate, Yang Zhenning, attended the opening ceremony on August 1st.



There are 133 items on display, including 86 original copies.



Qichu The Theory Of Relativity: Einstein’s Fantasy World


Date: August 2 – October 22

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Museum


Editor: Tang Jinyuan