Elevated Roads To Raise The Greenery

The city is developing ways of installing greenery under elevated roads with obstacles like lack of sunlight and rainwater already overcome.


More than 1,000 square meters of vertical greenery have been created under the Hongmei Road S. and Yuanjiang Road elevated road in Minhang District, featuring 18 varieties of plants such as camellia and osmanthus.


About 400 kilometers of elevated roads play a big role in easing congestion, but under the roads are problems such as dust, noise and pollution.


Authorities once tried planting vines and creepers under elevated roads but there was not enough light.


Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Institute of Technology and Donghua University began a project on vertical greenery in areas with inadequate sunlight in July, 2016.


About 80 species of plants were tested on their ability to withstand cold, lack of water, darkness and pollution, and 30 were selected.


Absorbent material has been installed, and pipes link the elevated road rainwater collection system to the plants beneath.


Source: SHINE