“Evita” Enters The Stage in Shanghai!

The epic musical masterpiece “Evita,” which brings together the top teams from London’s West End and New York’s Broadway, is about to start its first tour of Chinese mainland. On September 6, Evita” will be staged at the Shanghai Culture Square.

The play was created by the world famous musical duo Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, and directed by Harold Prince.

Set against the background of Argentina’s dramatic history before and after World War II, “Evita” tells the story of Evita Peron‘s magnificent and legendary life.Born poor and socially discriminated against, Evita was not willing to accept her fate. Relying instead on her talents and wisdom to gain fame and fortune step by step, she eventually became the greatest political star of Argentina. 

Externally, she has greatly improved the international status of Argentina with her superb diplomatic skills. Internally, she sought the welfare of the people at the bottom and was deeply loved by them. It is a pity that ruthless illness has ended her short but glorious life, leaving us with countless sighs.

On June 21, 1978, Evita held its world premiere at the Prince Edward Theatre in the West End of London and saw 3,176 consecutive performances. Since then, the musical has had many world tours and won 20 important awards such as the Tony Award. 

The classic lyrics of the whole series are repeated. The famous song “Don’t Cry for MeArgentina ” reached the number one position in the British top ten with a sales volume of over 2 million. 

Regarding the actor lineup, Deputy Director Daniel said: “We spent months trying to find the best cast. Now, I can say I am very happy with this outstanding team including the leading actress of “Les Miserables and “The Sound of Music”.

From September, Evita will be performed nearly 100 times in at least 8 cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for four months!

Editor: Lily