Explore The Culture And Meaning Of Apo Tea

My first impression of tea in the U.S. is that there is a lot of milk, sugar or honey to make it sweet. My first impression of tea in China is no milk or honey, but instead add many tea leaves to get the right taste.


Apo tea dates back 700 years ago to a kind old tea grower named Apu who treated visitors with tea. She lived in the middle of a hill on Dianshan Lake. The visitors who drank her tea would often spread the news of Apo (meaning aunty) and her delicious tea. This would cause much confusion as her name was Apu not Apo.


As the woman described in the video, her mother and her used water from Dianshan Lake to make tea, but people today just use tap water. The type of equipment used to brew Apo Tea was a brazier which was made of mud and straw. In the past, this type of tea was grown in the mountains, but this tradition has since faded.


In Chinese culture, unity is very important. With the government emphasizing a harmonious society, Apo tea can help make this happen. Whether it is a time of need or an argument amongst a group of people, treating oneself to a cup of tea helps make problems disappear. Tea can build friendships and bring people together. In all major events such as a new baby being born, someone joining the army, or a wedding ceremony, people love to gather around the table and drink tea. Tea is significant to many people in China, and as a foreigner living in China, I believe they can feel the significance of tea everywhere they go.


by Tara
Video Source: Vision