Expo To Be Blooming Lovely In Chongming

Shanghai’s Chongming District has released its draft 2021 China Flower Expo Area Plan.


Last April, the district won the bidding to hold the 10th China Flower Expo, which will be staged from March 24 to July 1 in three years time.


With the theme, Blossom with Chinese Dream, the expo will cover 10 square kilometers.


The event features five parts, including three areas, one core, one axis, six pavilions and six gardens.


To be constructed on Chongming Island, it will be an international creativity platform for flowers and a leading low-carbon and environment-friendly eco-island.


According to the draft plan, highlights will be 1.1 square kilometers of expo garden, 21,200 square meters of Dongping National Forest Park, 1.5 square kilometers of a southern service area and 893,600 square meters of Dongping Town.


The core area is a peony shaped flower field with plum blossom, orchid, louts and chrysanthemum.


The flower creek, flower valley and flower path beside will display the theme of the expo.


The 666-meter-long axis, connecting the south and north, will feature flower bridges to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the Communist Party of China.


Three of the six pavilions will be permanent. They will showcase the history of flowers from every provincial areas, a 15-meter-high flower rooftop and a bamboo art crafts.


The other three pavilions will feature many species of flowers from different countries and regions around the world.


“The design will ensure the protection of the natural landscape,” said Chen Qun, an officer of the 2021 China Flower Expo working group.


Construction is set to start early this year.


It will take about two and half hours from the city’s People’s Square to the Flower Expo Park.


Source: SHINE