Farewell To Winter, Hello To Spring

The wet and gloomy winter is over, and we’re in warm and bright spring, forecasters say.


Saturday, March 9, was the first official day of spring.


According to the local weather bureau, Shanghai saw a short winter of 92 days, 13 days less than the general 105.


The average temperature was 7.1 degrees Celsius and the total precipitation was 280.2 millimeters.


This winter we had 49 rainy days and three significant series of snowfalls, as well as an unusually long period of wetness and gray cover.


The rest of this week will be mostly dry despite some spring showers on Thursday morning.


Skies will clear up on Thursday afternoon, with more cold air rolling into the city on the weekend.


The temperature on Thursday will be 12 degrees before bouncing back to 18 on Friday then falling to 15 on Saturday.


Monday will start with drizzle then clear with the temperature at 12 degrees.


The bureau has warned that although it is spring, temperatures are variable.


In 2016, after spring arrived on February 9, the mercury soared to 21.3 degrees on February 12. However, three days later it plunged to minus 5 degrees due to a strong cold front.


Source: SHINE