First Glimpse Into “Liberation Of Shanghai”

The Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy owns a collection of seven Chinese paintings entitled “Liberation of Shanghai”, created in 1957.


Zhou Lianxia's "Guidance"


Tang Yifang, Zheng Mukang and Zhu Meiwu's "Cleaning Mines"


“Liberation of Shanghai” originally consisted of eight volumes, each 40 cm high and 53 cm wide. Seven of them were preserved, namely Dong Tianye’s “Rescue Production “, Pan Zhiyun’s “Fight in Liuhang”, Wu Qingxia’s “Capturing the Last Bunker of the Enemy”, Zhou Lianxia’s “Guidance”, Zhu Meicun’s “Anti-garrison”, Tang Yifang’s “Organize”, and Tang Yifang’s “Cleaning Mines”.


Dong Tianye's "Rescue Production "


Wu Qingxia's "Capturing the Last Bunker of the Enemy"


This group of works used the popular Chinese painted comic strip form of that time to reflect historical facts in the process of the liberation of Shanghai, commemorating the years of hard struggle and ultimate victory. It is reported that the “Liberation of Shanghai” paintings are expected to meet audiences for the first time during the exhibition of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


Tang Yifang's "Organize"


Pan Zhiyun's "Fight In Liuhang"


Zhu Meicun's "Anti-garrison"



Editor: Zhu Yan