First-Timers And Returnees Expect Strong Returns At CIIE 2019

The 2nd CIIE has now officially commenced its 60-day countdown. How about the preparations of exhibitors? Well, not only have some of the exhibits for the 2nd China International Import Expo been sent to Shanghai, but many of the exhibits from the 1st China International Import Expo have already become popular in the city: from fresh milk to the smallest cardiac pacemaker.



The first batch of exhibits that will be displayed during the second CIIE are on the way. Officials from China’s International Import and Exposition Bureau said that some exhibits were already shipped from the port of Genoa, Italy, on September 2nd, while at the same time, exhibits from Vanuatu and the Czech Republic have also been sent on their way.



These exhibits include cosmetics, crystals, health care products, wines and coffee beans and are expected to arrive in Shanghai in early October. The exhibits from Italy are mainly cosmetics and health care products and food that need to be transported at constant temperatures. To achieve this, the shipping company has exclusively designed export declaration, door-to-door pick-up, temporary warehousing, packing and shipping with cold chain solutions.



With the large numbers of exhibits pouring into the city, the exhibition area is also expanding. According to data from CIIE Bureau, more than 3,000 enterprises will participate in the Second CIIE, including thousands of companies for the first time. Also, many of the world’s top 500 companies, and leading enterprises will return to participate for this second event. Due to this demand, the exhibition area will be expanded to a further 93 square meters on average each company, leading to an overall expansion of exhibition area to more than 20% from that of the first year.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan