Flower-lover’s Guide To Spring

Shanghai is full of the smell of spring and the fragrance of flowers. Here is a well-prepared strategy for spring flower appreciation.


Gucun Park


Last weekend, the total number of visitors to Gucun Park was close to 260,000. There are adequate parking spaces and guidance along the road for tourists. Tourists can get off at Gucun Park Station on Line 7 and walk a few hundred meters to Park Gate 2.


This weekend, the early cherry blossoms in Gucun Park are expected to enter the late blooming stage, but the main cherry blossoms in the park are beginning to bud. The Cherry Blossom Festival also carefully planned a number of key cultural activities to enrich visitors’ flower appreciation experience, including two high-fashion shows, cherry blossom afternoon tea, a Hanfu show and so on.



Daning Lingshi Park


This year, the Xinhu Tulip Flower Fair in Daning Park has a huge space of more than 24,000 square meters, including 40 varieties and more than 130,000 tulip plants. It is worth noting that during the Tulip Flower Fair, Daning Park implemented ticket-free admission for the first time. This year’s Flower Fair lasts for 30 days (March 9-April 7), from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


The fair is divided into five chapters: Dance, Sweetness, Love, Dream and Fantasy.


Several parking places can be chosen. Daning Park is adjacent to the Shanghai Circus World Station on Line 1.



Chenshan Botanical Garden


Chenshan Botanical Garden is currently the park with the largest variety of cherry blossoms in Shanghai. The 800-meter-long Cherry Blossom Road has blossomed fantastically, which is perfect for taking beautiful pictures. Many citizens are eager to go to Chenshan Botanical Garden to see cherry blossoms.


There are three parking lots in Chenshan Botanical Garden, and travelers can also take Line 9 to Dongjing Station, then transfer to Songjiang No. 19 and No. 96 to Chenshan Botanical Garden Station.


Visitors can choose to view greenhouse plants first. In front of the gate, a large area of tulips planted in the green theatre area cannot be missed. Cherry blossoms are along the right road through East China Flora Garden and Australian Botanical Area.



Century Park


Century Park is the largest eco-city park with natural characteristics in Shanghai. The magnolia forest of Century Park is characterized by large purple magnolia. Magnolia blossomed early this year, and the current blooming period is about to pass. This weekend is suitable for appreciation. It is worth noting that the largest rape flower field in Shanghai is in Century Park.


Century Park is free of charge from 6:00 to 8:00. Two peak hours for the general flower-watching crowd are 9:30-11:00 and 13:00-14:00. Those arriving at the park during these two periods usually have to queue up for tickets.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Chi Yiting (Intern)