Food Testing Centers Open To Public For World Consumer Rights Day

All 74 food and drug science centers across the city opened to the public on Friday, the World Consumer Rights Day, providing fast testing services of food and conducting lectures for residents.


They also offered consultation services on consumer rights protection and food safety.


Fast testing services cover vegetables, fruits and salt-cured food, and it takes only five minutes to test pesticide residue on vegetables, officials with the Shanghai Market Supervision and Management Bureau said.


These centers also collect expired drugs from residents who are able to check the blacklist information of catering operators, and information about food and drug via machines inside the centers.


“The fast testing service is very convenient and eliminates our concerns on pesticide residue,” said Li Nan, a local resident who took greens to the Nanjing Rd E. sub-district center for testing. Li bought the greens at a wet market just opposite the center.


Source: SHINE