Foods For Surviving Summer

Summer is a hard season for those who love to cook Chinese food, as there is no air conditioning in most Chinese kitchens, and also Chinese dishes require a lot of frying. For Shanghaiese, they like to buy some prepared food on their way home. Here are some of their favorites you can easily find in Shanghai.



1 Pickled food
Where: Wang Jiasha


Wang Jiasha is a legend of pickled food and is well known in Shanghai. Their food is specially made with more than 10 kinds of spices. Pickled food is a good partner for rice wine.


2 Shanghai smoked fish
Where: Xiqu Laodafang


They sell authentic local cuisine that you can buy in boxes or in bulk. Smoked fish, spiced eggs, stir-fried shrimp, bran dough and eight treasures in hot sauce are their specials.


3 Marinated duck
Where: Guangming Cun


The store has lines outside all year, full of Shanghainese and even foreigners. Marinated ducks are their best-sellers. You can also try some of their fried products.




4 Bologna sausage and tomato salad
Where: Shanlin Foods


Bologna sausage is their top recommendation. The meat is fresh, with a taste of cream. The tomato salad is also strongly recommended. It’s mixed with tomato, corn, green beans and sausage. You’ll love it.



5 Vegetarian duck
Where: Gong Delin


The store was first founded in 1922, and it is the most famous vegetarian restaurant in the city. Vegetarian duck and vegetarian ham are terrific. Vegetarian crab roe and sautéed black mushrooms with coriander are out of this world.



6. Sliced cold chicken

Where: Xiaoshaoxing restaurant


It’s tasty and refreshing and don’t forget to dip it in the sauce.



7. Cantonese meat
Where: Xinya Cantonese food restaurant


The restaurant has a 100-year long history. This is a favorite of many Shanghainese. It’s a great summer food.



8 Shredded chicken

Where:  “Laojielaowei” restaurant located in Qibao old town


This restaurant is famous for some special Shanghai snacks. You can enjoy those cold food with a beverage. That’s what summer feels like.




9. Braised food

Where: Laobanzhai restaurant


The most famous braised food in Shanghai is saury pasta. Many people line up for it. It’s kind of sweet, and many people eat it while watching TV.




10. Steamed twisted roll

Where: Magnolia Bakery


This bakery is like a gift from the gods. Many people will spend more than one hour lining up for the store’s traditional Chinese desserts, like sesame balls, shumai and steamed buns. You can eat them with a bowl of porridge.