Forecast: More Rain And No Snow. Sorry Instagrammers

Have you been seeing an influx of quaint, snowy scenes filling up your WeChat moments from friends outside of Shanghai?



Well, keep on envying those cutely bundled-up couples taking adorable snowy pics, because there’s only cold rain on the weather forecast.


They say it’s the beginning of Xiaohan (小寒), when the weather across China turns bitterly cold – and yes they are right, but they forgot to mention the freezing rain for those of us in Shanghai!



The first snow of the new year hit large parts of central and eastern China Wednesday, according to local meteorologists as well as our friends who get to share cool snaps of snowfall on Instagram.


Even in nearby cities Nanjing and Changzhou, which are just a quick train ride away, people are currently enjoying their first snow this winter.




Add it to the myriad list of charms of living in Shanghai: we get the cold of winter, just not the prettiness of it.


Oh well, guess it’s time to break out the long underwear, bundle up, and head out for some hot pot as the mercury drops below zero starting from next week!



Editor: Zhao Yi