French Artist Brings An Ode To Nature

Guillaume Hebert, a French visual artist, is holding a solo exhibition in M ART CENTER at No.50 Moganshan Rd from May 14th to July 10th.


The exhibition has two series, “Sea Etude” and “Apocalypse”. In this series of works, “The Etude of the Sea”, the author presents his creative process of meditation with the sea. In the face of natural touch and pure poetic aesthetics, he thinks about the true awakening of life.


The series of “Apocalypse” records the evolution of the author after the baptism of life. This series of works combines the elements of Western classical painting and new media art. The picture of light and shadow is intertwined with the beautiful scene of human civilization and the coexistence and co-prosperity of the natural world. Due to the rapid development of human society, the global ecology changed, and also he want to show his concern for nature through his work.


Director & Editor: Kiki Yuan