From Shanghai To Panama City, With Love

From February 16 to 20, residents of Panama City, Panama had the chance to experience some of the traditional Shanghai lifestyles at the “Happy Spring Festival,Shanghai Culture Week” event.



The event introduces people to China’s ancient and unique culture, and organizers chose folk art performers and craftsmen from Shanghai to best convey what makes China and its people so special.



From magicians and Sichuan Opera mask changing to folk music and Chinese martial arts, Shanghai’s artists did their hometown proud with performances that wowed audiences who gathered despite the hot weather. According to some onlookers speaking to media after one performance, they claimed that they were nearly moved to tears by the artistry on display.



For young visitors to the event, Chinese Kung Fu was a point of fascinated as they tried their hand at punches and kicks demonstrated by the performers.



After the show, kids gathered around to learn how to make dough figures and cut paper to experience the artistic charm of Shanghai Style. Many of the visitors came away with a small keepsake to remind them of their ‘Spring Festival’ experience.



“Shanghai Culture Week” helped introduce many Panamanians to China and Chinese culture; even though the 5-day event is over, the friendship between the two countries will last forever.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan