Garima Arora, First Indian Woman To Win Michelin Star

Global foodies are set to descend on Bangkok after the French publishing company Michelin released the second edition of its closely watched guide.


Chef Garima Arora, of GAA in Bangkok, is the first restaurant helmed by an Indian woman chef ever to be awarded the prestigious Michelin star.


Walking down the streets of Thailand’s capital, the aroma of stir-frying chilies, garlic and basil, mixed with the thick humidity of Bangkok, is a combination that switches on the senses of food lovers who come here from all over the globe. This metropolis is deservedly famous for its low prices and authentic tastes.


Bangkok has become a foodie’s paradise that stretches far beyond the plastic stools and exhaust fumes. In recent years, the city has emerged as a hub for fine dining establishments, boasting world-class Thai restaurants alongside innovative new additions and the Michelin Guide has taken notice.


Fresh on the scene stands GAA. Established only 18 months ago, set up by Mumbai-born Thailand-based Chef Garima Arora. GAA has received the honor of securing a proud place in “The Michelin Guide Thailand 2019” with a maiden star.


“What is important to be noted here is that we started with the same team. To see them achieve this, I think they understand the meaning of it, and they are so much more motivated than before,” Arora said.


In the last 10 years of her career, she has worked in some of the most creative and high-octane professional kitchens in the world. It’s an often macho and highly competitive industry, where women remain a tiny minority holding less than 5 percent of Michelin stars globally.


“Men and women are different. I think women bring a particular sense of sensibility to any situation. To draw from that, plus my Indian heritage together, I think that is what gives GAA this amazing, unique experience,” Arora said.


Her feminine touch is reflected in her food. Subtle, beautiful, and precise as Arora, her team explore new ways to transform local ingredients into something contemporary and cross-cultural.


For the winners, the Michelin stars may be the start of a sweet journey. A Michelin-ranked restaurant will generally see revenues rise by 50-100 percent. And that is exactly what is happening here as people come from all over the world come just to try Arora’s culinary creations.


Source : CGTN