Get Your Book, Coffee & Social Fix At Readway

As more and more traditional bookstores have shuttered these past few years, sellers are seeking new and novel ways to attract readers back to their shops. Innovating on the old model is the Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore that had a trial opening that began in early December of last year.


Renamed the Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore Readway, it is an offshoot of the successful Beijing Readway that encompasses a bookstore, café and socializing space for a more complete book buying experience.



A whole new kind of bookstore


Readway touts itself as a cross-border bookstore with a wide variety of formats and commodity categories dedicated to advancing one’s cultural and lifestyle aesthetics. Additionally, it acts as a place where social and shopping goes together naturally.


Recharging at Readway


In the Sanlian Readway you will also find the ELLE Café, a coffee and food spot founded by ELLE In 1945. As you browse books, you can sip on a latte and enjoy a light snack to whet your appetite for a good read.



Something for everyone


The Readway is stocked with hundreds of books focused on design and art, and on the fourth floor you’ll find an imported books section. In Between you’ll no doubt take notice of the spiral staircase that provides a perfect backdrop for a pic to share on your socials. There’s even something for the little ones, as Readway also carries a wide selection of children’s literature and pop-up books.



A bookstore and more


While touring Readway, keep your eyes open when you reach the fifth floor so as not to miss out on the music gallery where they hope to host some performances in the future.




Be sure to stop by and see the story for yourself sometime. As they say at Readway: Keep reading, find your way.



Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore Readway

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Address:  Floors 4 and 5, Xintiandi Square, at Middle Huaihai Rd.

Convenient transportation index: ★★★★★ Take subway line 1 and get off at Huangpi South Road Station exit 2, then walk 143 meters.

Price-friendly index: ★★★★ Art books are a little expensive; bestsellers and classics are moderately priced.

Service affinity index: ★★★★★ If you can’t find the book you are looking for in the store, ask the staff for help.


Source: Xinmin Evening Newspaper

Editor: Chen Shuang (Intern)