Gong Li Joins Film About China Women’s National Volleyball Team

Renowned Chinese actress Gong Li has been reported to act the leading role in the film featuring China’s women national volleyball team, according to China News Service.


The film, “Zhongguo Nupai,” is directed by celebrated Chinese filmmaker Peter Chan whose representative works include “Perhaps Love” and “Dearest.”



Gong Li will play the role of Lang Ping, the head coach of China’s women national volleyball team.



Lang Ping is considered as the soul of the team for her professionalism as well as deep love for volleyball. She led the team to win the champion at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and many other awards on the international stage.


The film features the struggling, setbacks, and achievements of China’s women volleyball team over the past 40 years.



Among Chinese people, China’s women volleyball team is not just a competitive sports team but represents the spirit of struggling and never giving up.


The film is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2020, which marks the lunar Chinese New Year.


Source: CGTN