Great Shanghai 1933: A Passion For The City

Guo Chunxiang is a bit of an oddball. While he friends spend their free time eating and drinking and being merry, all of his extra time and money go to his collections. He has made a career out of his “Great Shanghai 1933” museum.



One of the reasons that Guo Chunxiang named his museum “Great Shanghai 1933” is that the museum was built in 1933. In addition, he believed that Shanghai’s economic development in the 1930s was a “golden age.”



It lies on Duolun Road, a famous street in Shanghai where Lu Xun, Mao Dun and Guo Moruo engaged in literary activities. There were many bookstores and teahouses on both sides of the street in the late 1990s, but nowadays, Guo’s is one of the few left.



He may be an oddball, but he is following his passion for this great city that he lives in.


Director: Bonnie Lu

Camera: Cheng Yilin

Photo: Shanghai Observer