“Great Shanghai 1933”, Carrying On The Memories Of The City

Duolun Road is a famous street in Shanghai where Lu Xun, Mao Dun and Guo Moruo engaged in literary activities. There were many bookstores and teahouses on both sides of the street in the late 1990s, but nowadays, there are few left. Guo Chunxiang and his “Great Shanghai 1933” museum is one of them.



Guo Chunxiang was born in Shanghai, living in relative poverty, wearing second-hand clothes all the time. As a result, he became interested in collecting old things and this passion has lasted 40 years.



There are dozens of clocks hanging on the wall. One of the reasons that Guo Chunxiang named his museum “Great Shanghai 1933” is that the museum was built in 1933. In addition, he believed that Shanghai’s economic development in the 1930s was a “golden age.”



Everyone will be amazed at the quality and quantity of collections when walking into the museum. Guo Chunxiang doesn’t accurately calculate how many items he has, but there are definitely hundreds of thousands of pieces. Various enamel cups and teapots are in every corner, and the old road signs and the posters of the Republic of China are hung on the walls.



The visitors are mainly middle-aged people. It is his dream to pass on Shanghai’s culture and memory. He is gradually transporting some of the fine collections to Jinze Town in Qingpu where there will be an Old Shanghai Exhibition in May, 2019.




Editor: Zhu Yan