Great Snow Is Upon Us

“Great Snow” is the 21st solar term in lunar calendar, also the 3rd solar term in winter. It marks the beginning of midwinter.



Reaching this time of the year, snow becomes heavier, and extends to broader areas. In the northern part of China, the rivers are frozen and thick snow swirls in the wind, which makes for magnificent natural scenery.



Great Snow is a time to focus on nourishment. There is an old saying, “Take tonics in winter, and you will be able to beat a tiger in spring.”


Taking tonics and eating right in winter can strengthen the immune system, boost metabolism, and increase cold tolerance, all of which are good for Yang Qi.



During this time, winter fruit such as Nanfeng oranges, Guanxi shaddock, navel oranges and snow oranges are all a good way to cut down on runny noses, along with some ginger tea and peppermint oil.


If you really want to clear out the sinuses, ‘tis the season for hotpot. Stuff yourself full of spicy lamb. For you health!


Editor: Lily