Hán Lù: The Return Of The Socks

Today is 寒露 (Hán Lù) according to the Chinese calendar. Han Lu means fall officially begins.




According to Chinese medicine, you can no longer expose your feet, so break out your most colorful socks. The cold may lead to bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and intestinal tract disease, so you have to wear socks to prevent the cold air from reaching your feet.





Ancient China noted three main characteristics of Han Lu:



#The last of the geese fly south.

#The chrysanthemums bloom and it is the best time to enjoy them.

#There are fewer sparrows than in summer.





Fall is a dry season, so according to Chinese medicine, it is better to eat carrots, lotus, and yams. As for fruits, pears, grapes, and bananas are preferred. You can round things out with beans, mushrooms, and seaweed.



Editor: VIC