Help Is Just A Moo, Baa, Double Quack, Double Quack Away


Now in Chinese, Hana’s Helpline, a popular show in the UK can be seen on CCTV14 Comic World program every day from 9 pm to 9.55 pm.



It is a stop motion animation series about a helpful duck who runs a telephone helpline with her duckling. They encourage animals in need of emotional support, to ask for help by calling in on Hana’s special helpline which is a quirky mix of different animal sounds, Moo, Baa, double Quack, and double Quack. The show is aimed at preschoolers and deals with some of the social and emotional problems they might experience.



Shown in more than 30 countries, Hana’s Helpline has won numerous awards in categories like Best Children’s program and Best Animation.  Hana’s Helpline is manufactured by Calon TV and is exclusively distributed by The Media Pioneers in China.



Editor: Allison Yeh (Intern)