HKSAR Chief Executive Terms Rioters ‘Extremely Selfish’ For Trying To Paralyze Hong Kong

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam on Tuesday termed the rioters who tried to paralyze Hong Kong by disrupting traffic as “extremely selfish.”


Rioters disrupted the morning commute on Tuesday for a second straight day in Hong Kong, blocking roads and obstructing railway tracks in various districts.


Condemning the selfish acts at a regular media address, Lam said the mobs’ intention is to force a shutdown of the entire Hong Kong.


Lam also conveyed her respect to the Hong Kong residents who did not yield to the acts of violence and kept going to work and school despite obstacles in transportation.


The HKSAR government is making every effort to repair the damaged public facilities, so as to provide a safe and orderly living environment for the public as soon as possible, she added.


The chief executive hoped that universities and schools in Hong Kong would advise students not to participate in violence.


Lam lauded the Hong Kong residents who volunteered to clear roadblocks set up by rioters, saying that they expressed their love for Hong Kong and injected positive energy into the chaotic society.


The HKSAR government is trying its best to hold a fair, safe, and orderly district council election, Lam said, adding that she also understands some pro-establishment candidates’ concerns as to whether this is a fair election because of the assaults on their offices and threats to their personal safety.


Earlier this month, Junius Ho, an HKSAR lawmaker running for the re-election in district council of Tuen Mun, was stabbed in the left side of his chest by a male in his election campaign event.


Source: Xinhua