Honoring Life Science And Life

After nearly half a decade of enriching the life sciences landscape in China and sharing knowledge with local companies, Managing Director of Life Science Business of Merck China Steve Vermant has been awarded the Magnolia Silver Award, one of the city’s top honors.



Merck as well as Mr. Vermant say that they are committed to bringing the latest technology and expertise to the local market. According to Vermant, Shanghai is an ideal place to pursue new health and safety technologies, as authorities have taken measures over the years to streamline registration of new medicines and promote investment, leading to an ecosystem of innovation in the city’s industrial parks.



But for Vermant, as it is with so many expats in Shanghai, the city is much more than an innovation hub: it is home. When not fostering new breakthroughs, Vermant delights in spending time with his children and his wife – as well as extended family – that makes living here even more worthwhile.



Director/Editor:Victoria Xu
Intern:Chi Jizhi