How To Beat The Heat During The Dog Days?

July 12th marks Shanghai’s entry into the dog days, turning the city into a sauna. There are altogether 40 dog days this year, lasting from July 12th to August 20th.



People should make the necessary preparations. For example, a good rest is a must, and one should try to avoid being exposed to the sun for a long time, as well as taking in more water.


In Shanghai, mutton is the traditional cuisine for the Dog Days. Stewed, roasted mutton, or a bowl of mutton soup are all delicious and healthy! Shanghai has a lot of good places for enjoying mutton, like Zhangze Mutton Festival in Songjiang and Zhuangxing Mutton Festival in Fengxian, where you can try authentic traditional mutton cuisine. Don’t miss them!



During the Dog Days, one should pay special attention to diet as people often feel a loss of appetite due to spleen and stomach function being relatively slow. The summer diet should be full of fresh vegetables and fruit. Melons, tomatoes, and milk, are good choices.



Duck is also a good summer recipe, but be careful not to eat raw, cold or unclean foods, so as not to cause certain diseases. Hydration and health care are top priorities during the Dog Days.



Have a good summer!


Editor: Chen Congcong