How To Have The Best Lantern Festival

Although the Spring Festival holiday is over, the Lantern Festival is just around the corner. The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Shanghai will hold a huge variety of Lantern Festival-themed activities in the city, inviting the citizens to see the colorful lanterns, make rabbit lanterns, enjoy garden parties and a lot of folk activities.



Enjoying the ocean of lanterns at Yu Garden and Xinzhuang


China has a long history of lighting up lanterns during the festival, symbolizing joy. Hanging all kinds of lanterns and guessing riddles are the major activities. The Yu Garden Lantern Festival is a most renowned destination for Yuanxiao celebration in Shanghai.



To ensure order and safety, the garden will be closed at certain times from Friday to February 19, and only ticket holders will be allowed entry. Ticket prices range from 30 yuan (US$6.76) to 80 yuan for those days. You can buy the tickets online to reduce queue time. The garden will be closed from 4pm on February 15, Friday and February 18, Monday, and from 2pm on Feb 16, 17 and 19. Tickets stop selling around 22:30pm to 23:00.



The Xinzhuang Lantern Festival, which has twelve years of history, not only gives people in Shanghai a sense of ritual, but also gives them a taste of their old home. The lantern lighting ceremony will add a touch of brightness to the festival atmosphere.



This year’s Xinzhuang Lantern Festival will be held in Shanghai Xincheng Central Park from February 19 to February 24. The lighting time will be extended to 10:30 p.m. The lighting ceremony will be held on February 19 and then the whole park will be gradually lit up. At the same time, there will be a traditional Chinese costume show.



Guessing lantern riddles, mini games, and garden parties!


In addition to the lanterns, there are other interesting folk activities during the Lantern Festival in Shanghai. Guessing lantern riddles, sugar paintings and making rabbit lanterns are the kids’ favorite. This weekend, the Jiading Museum invited citizens to attend a “Traditional Temple Fair”. Moreover, the Lantern Festival praying ceremony is indispensable. Citizens will write down their own wishes and experience a day of Chinese traditional culture: wearing Han clothes, learning Han rituals, and leaving memories at the 800-year-old Confucian Temple.



The Lantern Festival in Shanghai has all of the best Chinese traditions, such as eating tangyuan, making rice cakes and rabbit lanterns. All of these warm activities are a perfect ending for this Spring Festival.




Editor: Zhu Yan