Huawei Unveils Homegrown OS ‘Hongmeng’

Chinese telecom giant Huawei officially revealed its homegrown operating system (OS) “Harmony,” previously known as HongmengOS, at an annual developer conference on Friday in south China’s Guangdong Province.


Before introducing HarmonyOS, Huawei CEO Richard Yu, explained the company’s thought process behind the new OS, saying people in the future will require a seamless intelligent experience across all devices and scenarios.


The new OS featuring low latency and high security is designed to meet those needs, supporting all future Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the company said. It will first be used in wearable devices, smart screens, in-vehicle systems and smart speakers.


Yu said Huawei is facing troubling times due to the Trump administration’s move to impose sanctions.


“But Huawei still achieved over 24 percent sales growth in the first quarter,” Yu said, adding that without the sanctions, Huawei’s smartphone shipment would likely be the world’s largest in that period.


Source: CGTN