Industrial Revolution Giving Way To Gaming Revolution

The No.2 Shanggang Factory of Yangpu District is getting a new lease on life. Instead of pumping out products, it is bringing in avid gamers, keen to watch their favorite e-sports pros. It will become a venue with a capacity of 900.





E-sports is becoming larger and larger, and this factory is just the first of several set to convert over to gaming uses, with others to follow at Binjiang and Wujiaochang. Building an e-sports center in the Yangtze River Delta area has been a three-year target of Yangpu District. Yangpu is dedicated to leading the nation in e-sports through its educational advantage due to all of the universities located there.




It’s all part of the greater trend in Shanghai of putting resources to the best possible use to make the city a shining paragon of modernity.


Editor: Yolanda