Innovating Traditional Art

Old art will die out with the old generation. In order to keep traditions alive, they need to be taken up by each successive generation. But how do you adapt art forms that evolved thousands of years ago to an audience that has been raised on the internet?





Wang Yuqing, curator of the Duo Yunxuan Art Museum, has taken on the challenge of keeping traditional Chinese handcraft alive. The museum features vibrant works from young artists, eager to preserve the old methods in the shell of modern aesthetics.




Breathing new life into the old forms inspires people to go out and discover the heritage behind the art. A new generation is now taking responsibility for keeping Chinese culture strong.









Address: No 1188, Tian Yaoqiao Road,  Duo Yunxuan Art Museum


Time: 2018/3/1—3/31



Editor: Bonnie Lu

Cameraman: Sun Ao