Inspectors Visit CIIE Venue

With only 46 days to go before the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicks off, preparations are in high-gear to ensure its success.


On Thursday inspectors visited the expo venue, the National Exhibition and Convention Center, which is currently hosting the 21th China International Industry Fair. The fair provided an excellent opportunity to observe the venue’s visitor management capabilities.


Thursday was the third day of the fair, and by 9:36am over 8,700 people had entered the venue.


Exits 4 and 5 of Line 2’s East Xujing Station were also opened for the first time to passengers on Thursday. As these two exits are closest to the venue, they will also be open during the CIIE.


About 83 percent of visitors came to the CIIE with public transportation last year, yet exits 4 and 5 of East Xujing Station were not open at that time.


“This year, visitors with entry-pass documents can go to the venue directly from these two exits,” said Zhang Wei from Qingpu police. “It will save people about 15 minutes compared with leaving from other exits.”


Apart from the Metro, first aid, power supply, sanitation and fire prevention systems were also inspected.


Four ambulances, each with two doctors, were at the venue to treat potential emergencies during the fair.


Source: SHINE