International Team For A Chinese Story

7 years ago, Shanghai Ballet teamed up with a number of international masters, creating the classic ballet ‘The Last Mission of Marco Polo’, a story about the eponymous hero escorting Princess Cogatra to Persia.


It premiered in 2010 at the 12th Shanghai International Arts Festival. 7 years later, this work is on stage once again. Let’s go find its amazing production team.



COSTUME: There are 30 characters in this ballet and over 160 costumes, including lots of bizarre shapes and fabrics. These exotic elements help to bring the audience to faraway places, creating a modern ballet fantasy. And all these costumes were created by the world famous fashion designer, Pierre Cardin.


MUSIC: Another highlight is the music. Daniel Walker, famous Hollywood composer, tailored the music for the ballet. You may not be familiar with his name, but what about ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Friends’, ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ and ‘The Galaxy Railways’? These scores were all created by Daniel.


CHOREOGRAPHY: With the choreography of the famous Spanish choreographer Jose Martinez, the ballet brings a unique visual feast, presenting exotic scenery and the magnificence of the Silk Road on the sea.


Editor: Zhu Yan
Camera: Li Lianda